How to track a cell phone and locate people without them knowing

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Although it seems like a difficult task, tracking a person’s cell phone without them knowing about this action is a simple task. Thanks to technology, many applications can now be registered to locate people without them knowing .

For this reason, if you need to know someone’s whereabouts, check their messages or even record calls from your mobile quickly, without any difficulty, but above all cheaply from a mobile device, these recommendations can help you: You can currently locate people through their mobile phones and there are many methods to complete this operation.

How to track a cell phone using a GPS

There are many people who have Android cell phones and their advantage is that since their manufacture they are installed devices that are activated from the factory for someone’s location, in this case the owner of the device.

How to track a cell phone with a phone number

Another way to locate someone without them knowing is by using apps . These have become the best options to locate an individual. For this you will only need the number and code of the international area. With this, the tool will be the only one that will work in the location process by using an online map.

How to track a cell phone through Google

With this form of tracking, only the email associated with the company’s server will be needed , in this case Gmail is almost always used. With this tool, the whereabouts and access of the person’s equipment will be immediately known.

How to track a cell phone with apps

There are many applications to locate people without them knowing. Some of the most used are the following:


mSpy is a completely undetectable service designed to work on any operating system without draining the receiving cell phone ‘s battery , making it one of the best options for discreet monitoring. It allows you to obtain the GPS location of the device, keep track of calls and messages (sent, received and deleted), as well as monitor messaging applications and social networks.

Although it is a paid application, it is perfectly suited to parental control, providing quick installation, customizable alerts, information updated every 5 minutes, data encryption for maximum protection of your information, and 24-hour live support.

mSpy allows you to track a 

cell phone easily and discreetly.

Android DeviceManager

This is a free application that is available to anyone at any time they want. With it, you can track an Android device by cell number without the owner of the phone knowing. The only thing you have to do is download the program on the cell phone that you want to have located and ready.

The same will be done on the mobile of the person who will investigate so that from a GPS locator they can carry out the operation . This application is recommended for those who want to investigate and for those who want to be investigated, since among the functions that this application performs is the alarm, that is, a kind of signal that will be activated when the cell phone is missing.

Where is family

This is an application to locate people without their knowledge and to be more precise, starting especially from the location of your children . With this modality you will be able to know the exact location of your children, thus knowing if they are telling the truth about the place where they say they are.

For example, with this application it will be possible to know if the children have already left school, when they return to face-to-face classes after the pandemic. The ways to know in detail the location of the little ones will be through a map that will specify the moment and real time of the location.

It also allows you to find out the GPS location of each family member or partner without them noticing. Although it offers all these advantages, you can still pay for the Premium version of the program that allows the person a greater number of options to start up.


It is a very complete application that can be installed on the cell phone that is to be tracked . From the Internet you can have access to emails that are sent from that device. Through the number you can know the location of the person in real time.

You can read WhatsApp messages , contacts registered on the cell phone , call history and also Internet browsing. Although it is a paid application, there is a trial period at the beginning of the installation that can be used for free.

Spyzie App

It is a monitoring solution that is reliable for iOS and compatible with Android devices. By itself with this you will not need to download any tracking application, only with the help of the iCloud ID of the person you want to spy on.

In case of locating a person who has an Android device, it is necessary to install a plugin on the device to be investigated . It is important to note that in order to make use of the Spyzie service, the person must first register an account. With the applications of this service you can see the monitored data of the device to be spied on.

How to track a lost cell phone

If the lost phone is a smartphone, Apple and Google  include recovery technology in them. It usually works through the account associated with your device.

For Android models, this will be Google’s; for iPhones, iCloud. Both platforms allow you to remotely lock and wipe your phone, make it ring, and set up special messages to alert whoever finds it.

Of course, these features are good as long as your phone’s battery stays alive. If your smartphone battery dies, none of them will do you need how to track a cell phone .

When it comes to how to track a cell phone , it is recommended to exercise extreme caution if you communicate with anyone who has found your smartphone .

In the case of how to track a cell phone , be careful not to divulge any personal information , like your home address for example, until you know you’re dealing with someone you can trust.

Offer to go where he is, somewhere public. Share and save phone numbers or email addresses to contact this person who might get your phone back, at the time of how to track a cell phone .

cell phone, you should put an unlock key on it.

How to track an Android cell phone

For the instance of how to track a cell phone , Android offers Google’s own service to find and manage your device remotely. In addition, there are a number of third-party applications designed for the task of how to track a cell phone .

The easiest to use at the moment of how to track a cell phone is Find My Device , which is integrated directly into the Android smartphone through Google Play Services; although it can also be used in a browser or downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Most Android devices should be able to use this feature when tracking a cell phone . Using the feature is as easy as searching: “Where’s my phone?” on Google, which will cause the service to start searching for your smartphone.

Find My Device also has the ability to call the phone, set a new password, and make your phone ring from afar, along with a wide variety of other features that it uses for notifications in the instance of how to track a cell phone .

While you can set up ahead of time, the service should be available at the time of how to track a cell phone . It will use Wi-Fi or GPS to help you when it comes to how to track a cell phone .

Go to Settings > Google (or Google Services) > Security and make sure remote location for this device is turned on in the Find My Device section. You will probably be prompted to sign in.

When you open the app or search in the browser , you will see all your devices at the top, so just select the corresponding tab to find the specific device, when you need to get down to the task of how to track a cell phne .

How to track a cell phone and erase its content

If you can’t find your smartphone, you can always wipe it to prevent sensitive information on it from getting into the wrong hands. It is a vital task when you are engaged in the task of how to track a cell phone . However, your device will need an Internet connection and enough power to communicate with you.

Google also offers Factory Reset Protection (FRP) . It is designed to prevent potential thieves from stealing your phone, cleaning it and then using it or selling it , while you go about the task of how to track a cell phone .

If after working on how to track a cell phone , you factory reset an FRP-enabled phone and try to set it up as a new device , you will be prompted to enter the username and password of the last registered Google account on the device, and if it cannot be done, the phone will remain locked.

How to track a cell phone with Cerberus Anti-theft

There are also third-party applications that you can install and use when tracking a cell phone to find it more easily. Cerberus Anti-theft is a great application that offers remote access and control , allowing you to get more information about the whereabouts of your phone and solve the task of how to track a cell phone .

It provides a number of additional features, such as more detailed control over how to track the device, screenshots of what the device is doing, camera shots to catch the would-be thief, and other more detailed notifications that Find My Device doesn’t offer if your device is “rooted”.

There are even more features available to prevent someone from rebooting or turning off the device until you can get it back when you are deep into the task of how to track a cell phone .

If you have a Samsung mobile, activate your account with this brand because it can help you when tracking your 

How to track a Samsung cell phone

Another option for Samsung smartphones is the Find My Mobile service . It can be used to locate a lost phone, lock it, or completely wipe it. However, you will need a Samsung account and remote control options enabled on your phone at the time of how to track a cell phone .

To check and see if Find My Mobile is available for your smartphone, you need to follow these steps at the time of how to track a cell phone : Go to Settings> Biometrics and security . 

If you see Find My Mobile in the menu, you can use the service. Turn on the Remote Controls options through Settings > Biometrics & Security > Find My Mobile > Remote Controls.

How to track an iPhone cell phone

The best way to find your iPhone is with the app that comes with the phone called Find my iPhone . The application comes with the service pre-installed and shows you your cell phone on a map. You will need another Apple device with this app to see this feature. Here is a lost iPad with iOS 13 as an example.

Select Settings > Apple ID (name) > Find My . This will take you to the Find My section, where you need to tap Find My iPhone to turn it on if it’s off. Attention: it must never be turned off.

With Find My iPhone turned on, tap the Enable Offline Search and Send Last Location switches . Those help you determine where you last left your phone, in case internet services are turned off.

With those controls at the ready, head back to Settings > Apple ID and scroll down to see all your devices in one list. Tap on your missing device and it takes you to a Device Information section that allows you to search for it directly.

Tap Find My ( iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch ) and then tap Show in Find My iPhone and a map will appear showing you your exact location and directions. The service also gives you the option to play a sound on your device, mark it as Lost, and send a message to the phone in lost mode.

Apple has a useful tool for the iPhone that can help you track your 

cell phone .

How to track an iPhone cell phone and erase its content

You also have the option to erase the device, in case it is in the wrong hands. Find my iPhone can also locate your Mac, iPod, and iPad . It is an effective tool to track almost any iOS device.

How to track a basic cell phone

Call your cell phone . Try to listen to its sound or try to feel its vibration: maybe it’s closer than you think  and no one has stolen it from you. If your phone is truly lost and in the hands of someone else, they will probably reply to you if they intend to return it.

Come back after your footsteps. Do a full visual search. If you can’t hear a ring or vibration when you call, don’t assume it’s lost, or someone has stolen it: its battery might be dead.

Send a text message to your phone. If you think someone has stolen it or found it in a bus, a taxi or a bar you were in, send a message with your contact information, email address, landline number and promise of a reward, if applicable. What do you decide to do?

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