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Download Video Comparer: Nowadays having duplicate files is something so common that it can even be annoying and in an incoherent use of disk space, that is why keeping the storage as free as possible is the best way to have an optimal performance, it is there where applications like Video Comparer will perform the task of checking the disk spaces you choose to find any type of replication in the video files which are usually the heaviest, thus freeing up the load on the storage space.

Video Comparer: An Overview

Video Comparer is a software that performs a specific function to lighten disk space. You can analyze the whole disk for duplicate video files to remove it and clean the disk completely, you can use the help of specialized filters to choose the duration of them or the extension, this way you can cut the time of analysis in search of the data or duplicate information. As for the interface you can notice that it was made in a simple and intuitive way, it was sought that most users do not need great knowledge to use it, that’s why they applied quick access to the folders or files on the disk, so you can easily select the locations that require analysis.

With the intelligent filters comparing is something quite simple, placing the specific values you are looking for you will be able to select files according to their size or duration, making the work much faster. At the end of the analysis, Video Comparer will show an ordered list of the detected files, as well as a great number of additional information that can be useful to check the duplication, such as the name, the path, the size, or different complementary data, and with this you will be able to move them, eliminate them or if you prefer, backup them.

With the configuration settings you can also establish settings that will allow a better scan, this works by applying a fast, standard or full mode, each one will have its power and processing speed, resulting in even more files displayed in less or more time, it all depends on whether you want it in depth or just a basic review, for example with the full scan you will have up to a search of the hidden folders and even the information that is in the cache, so you can examine it and delete it without problems.

If you want you can establish a backup directory, making them move to the selected location thus giving a space dedicated to the duplicate files as a backup, this is efficient when you already know that those files you want to save, if not it would be better to analyze and verify all the files you find. In conclusion, Video Comparer turned out to be a stable software that presents a search that is advanced enough to improve the performance of the computer’s memory, with steps so simple that even beginners can handle without any problem.

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