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Download TypingMaster Pro for Free: While working with computers, it is always desirable to master the skill of typing. The ability to type words faster and correctly proves to be very useful in the long run. Faster typing speeds mean faster assignment submission, improved efficiency in data entry, improved content writing skills, etc. However, it takes time and a lot of practice to master the keyboard. You need to be familiar with the position of the keys and the placement and motion of your fingers. You must have noticed how professional typists rarely look at the keyboard while typing. This technique is called touch typing and allows you to type continuously by only looking at the screen. This is possible only after considerable practice and the right kind of training. Earlier on, there used to be special schools or classes that provided typing lessons. Nowadays these classes are becoming redundant as you can find some of the best training and tutorial in a digital format as an app or software. In this article, we are going to discuss one such app that helps us to become a pro in typing in a matter of time. This very useful app is called TypingMaster Pro.

TypingMaster Pro: Introduction

TypingMaster Pro is a very useful software that will help you to master the skill of typing. This app is designed in such a way that it is suitable for beginners and intermediate alike. It improves your typing speed through a series of practice exercises and lessons. It also has a series of tests and games that enable you to assess your progress. TypingMaster Pro contains a very well-designed course that guides a newbie to become a pro. With the importance of typing already established, this software is the solution to all your problems. It provides the right tools and guidance that ensure your time and effort are not in vain. Starting from the basics of the orientation of your hands to various kinds of word and paragraph drills, TypingMaster Pro will definitely accelerate your typing speed. TypingMaster is designed mainly for individual users while TypingMaster Pro targets small organizations like schools and offices. In the next section, we will look into the key features of TypingMaster Pro.

Key Features of TypingMaster Pro

1. Wide Variety of Courses – TypingMaster Pro comes with a wide variety of courses in addition to the standard Touch Typing course. It offers courses like Speed Building, Numeric Keypad course, Numbers course, and Special Marks course. As mentioned above the standard course is the one that teaches you Touch Typing. It deals with letter keys, common punctuation, etc. You can easily switch between these courses by clicking on the “Change Course” button on the top right-hand corner. These courses are sorted in the order of their difficulty level and the skill level required to start them. Some courses are for beginners while others are suitable for advanced learners.

2. Extensive Interactive Exercises – TypingMaster Pro comes with a lot of differently designed exercises that help you to practice and improve your typing speed. These exercises in total provide hours of practice time. Regular practice is the only thing that helps you really develop these skills and TypingMaster Pro helps you achieve your goals. TypingMaster Pro keeps a track of your progress, mistake patterns, and other statistics and suggests exercises that would be beneficial to you.

3. Step-by-Step Approach – The course material includes theory lessons and exercises that have been designed to make the learning process simpler. The entire course is divided into smaller steps and laid out in increasing order of difficulty. The user starts with simple basic concepts and exercises and then gradually proceeds to more advanced lessons over a period of time. This makes the learning process more effective. From time to time TypingMaster Pro would introduce new keys and step-by-step drills to make you more fluent.

4. TypingMaster Satellite – TypingMaster Pro comes with a unique satellite that when activated tracks your real-world typing. It gathers information about your typing patterns and the mistakes that you usually make. Based on the data collected it prepares custom exercises for you and suggests specific courses or tests that would be beneficial for you. This feature helps you to deal with difficult words and improve your skills. TypingMaster Satellite continues to work even after you have completed the entire training course. You can continue using it to keep track of your progress over time. Since the Satellite works on the data it collects, it keeps getting better with time. The more data it collects the better the custom drills become.

5. Visually Aesthetic – TypingMaster Pro has a very good-looking interface. The screen is divided into various color-coded regions which makes it easier to remember and learn. This kind of visually enhanced interface is much more effective when compared to other traditional methods of learning.

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6. Typing Tests – TypingMaster Pro has a series of typing texts that help you to assess your progress. You can add your own custom texts to these tests. To start a typing test, you need to simply click on the “Typing Test” button. After this, you simply need to upload your custom text and start the test. Once you have completed the test, TypingMaster Pro will provide you with a comprehensive result which can be also be printed. It shows your progress in the form of graphs that help you to better assess your performance. These completed tests remain stored and can be reviewed at any time. You can find these tests under the “Completed Tests” tab.

7. Typing Games – There are a lot of in-built games in TypingMaster Pro that help you to improve your skills while having fun. These are intelligently designed fun activity that helps you to take a break from the monotonous training and at the same continue to improve your skill sets. You can choose from the given list of words or custom keys that you have learned. The latter is only possible when you have completed at least one drill.

8. Reviewing – TypingMaster Pro allows you to review difficult words and lets you practice them again and again to hone your skills. It is always a good practice to revise and review the difficult words so that we can get better with them. TypingMaster Pro has a dedicated ‘Review’ section that allows you to do this. The review section mainly deals with difficult words, commonly used words, and custom words entered by you. You can choose to opt for a keyboard drill, word drill, or a game to tackle these words in the review section.

9. Understanding the time constraint – TypingMaster Pro understands that you might have a busy schedule and it is difficult for you to spend a lot of time practicing. Therefore, it has created special bite-sized exercises that do not require more than ten minutes. All you need to do is spare ten minutes from your busy schedule to continue with your practice streak.

10. Network Capabilities – TypingMaster Pro has complete network support. Since it is made for organizations like school, it is expected to have a multiple-users and they are connected by means of a central server. The networking features consist of a central User Manager that can help you to track the progress and control the settings of the course. In schools especially, the teacher can choose to set custom exercises, set the difficulty level keeping in mind the different groups of students, and much more. It allows the central server to control the settings of the course for all the users in the network.

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Pros and Cons of TypingMaster Pro

Just like every other software TypingMaster Pro also has some pros and some cons. The learning experience and the obtained results may vary from person to person. However, at a glance, the product seems to have more positive reviews than negative ones. The program is devoid of unnecessary frills and instead is more concerned about providing all the features of a decent Touch Typing course. It helps in improving your typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It has a lot of advanced features and useful widgets that make it a standard choice for a lot of users.

Pros – Talking about the pros of TypingMaster Pro we need to acknowledge the simple design and the ease of use. It uses color-coded schemes to enhance the memorizing capacity of the brain. Well-structured courses, interactive exercises, and fun games make TypingMaster Pro a really good training guide for typing. It also provides detailed results and reports and help you hone your skills. The feedback system helps to realize your shortcomings and thus you are able to get better using the custom-designed exercises.

Cons – Some downsides to this software is that users have reported the presence of bugs and glitches. It is not possible to create custom exercises or vocabulary databases when it comes to the field of medicine or law. Also, TypingMaster Pro is available only for the Windows operating system and thus it cannot be used on a MAC or a Linux based device.

System Requirements for TypingMaster Pro

  •   A Pentium 4 Processor or higher.
  •   A 512 MB RAM or higher.
  •   Hard Disk Space of at least 100 MB.
  •   The Operating system should be Windows XP or higher.

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How to Download TypingMaster Pro?

TypingMaster Pro is a paid software and can be purchased from the official site of TypingMaster Pro. Click here to go to the official site of TypingMaster Pro. Note that TypingMaster Pro is designed for schools and hence the price varies with the number of devices that you would like to install the software on. You will find the price details on the official site itself. You can also download the trial version before you make the payment for the software. Click here to download the trial version of TypingMaster Pro.

You can also download an offline installer for TypingMaster Pro for free. An offline installer has the required setup files and does not need any additional downloads during installation like the web installer. You can also save the offline installer on a USB flash drive and use it to install TypingMaster Pro on multiple computers.  Use the link given below to download the offline installer for TypingMaster Pro.

Download TypingMaster Pro Offline Installer

Download Typing Master Pro Education Edition

Download TypingMaster Pro

Typing Master Pro Serial Key: E5XQWKF-XYE3-YRCK-3PPC24K

How to Install TypingMaster Pro?

Once you have downloaded the setup files for TypingMaster Pro using the methods described above, you can start with the installation process. All you need to do to start the installation is double click on the setup file. Now, you need to choose between the ‘Standard’ and the ‘School/Company’ option. The ‘Standard’ option is meant for home users and individuals while the ‘School/Company’ option is meant for multiple users like in a school or an organization. Choosing the latter option would also lead to the installation of the User Manager that would allow you to control the different devices that are a part of the same network.

Starting guide to begin the Touch Typing course

Follow the given steps to begin with your training with TypingMaster Pro.

Step 1: Start TypingMaster Pro and enter your login credentials.

Step 2: Select the course that you would like to start with. This is required only for the first time as TypingMaster Pro remembers where you left off once you start with the course. We would recommend you to start with the basic touch typing course.

Step 3: Once you have selected the course, click on the “Start Course” button. This will take you to the course content page.

Step 4: Click on “Start Course” button again to begin with the first lesson. The exercise that you need to do after the lesson will automatically get highlighted. All that you need to do is click on the highlighted region to begin the exercise.

Step 5: Follow the lessons and keep solving the exercises in the order that they are laid out in and you are good to go.

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That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download TypingMaster Pro for Free , but if you face any issues then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.


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