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Download TDP x-Ray: For those who love MacOS devices, it is not surprising that they need an efficient and viable way to allow the analysis of the disk in search of any inconsistency in the files, that is why there is the Disk Xray application that provides the possibility of scanning the disk completely to get errors in data or just to get the exact statistics of the space used.

Disk Xray: An Overview

Disk Xray is a disk analyzer and statistics viewer, it will allow the intelligent search of duplicate files or cleaning tools for MacOS. That is, it performs some basic functions for any system dedicated to disk health, but it performs them extremely well so as not to depend on any other, and it also provides the possibility of recovering information if it was deleted from the disk. To better understand the operation it is necessary to divide the main functions it performs and why it is quite useful to use Disk Xray.

  1. To begin with, you have the folder scanner, it works with a visual interface, which manages to show the specific data of the space used by the information and divided into folders, that’s why the name it has, in the same way you can break down the information and thus visualize up to the subfolders and each data within them.
  2. In second place you have the duplicate files and folders explorer, which will serve for the intelligent search and to be able to lighten the load in the disk, eliminating any type of information that has two versions of the same data, giving the possibility of obtaining several gigas of information in benefit, the scan can last some minutes, but for the final result, it is something that should be taken in consideration to carry out it sporadically, this way not to have to spend so much time in the analysis.
  3. Finally, there is the disk cleaner, which will accelerate the computer by eliminating any kind of residue from the activities you perform, including temporary files, in addition to the trash, downloads, among others. In addition to this, an analysis in the application data will make a sweep of the unnecessary such as cache, cookies or unnecessary data in disused applications.

In general terms, it can be noted that it performs a total scan of the system, thus giving accurate information about the data on the disk, allowing a more efficient and orderly cleaning, resulting in a computer in optimal conditions to support any workload on the processor. That is why if we try to see the simple application that it has, it brings a tangible benefit that will be noticed immediately, giving timely results to the problem you have, be it storage or performance, both will be a past inconvenience after you get to know this software and start using it sporadically.

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