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Download Recuva: It is quite common that sometimes we end up accidentally deleting some type of information from our computer that is of great importance to us. That is why the different oversights at the time of deleting files are quite dangerous so it is necessary to have some way to be able to recover them and obtain as much information as possible without damaging the data in any way, for those cases there are applications such as Recuva giving the possibility to analyze the existing waste on the disk and thus be able to extract all the existing information completely.

Recuva: An overview

Recuva is an application that allows for the recovery of deleted files that are not yet completely lost, of which there is still some type of information that can be analyzed to obtain a conclusive result from the existing data.

In general terms, Windows works quite simply. When you delete a file it is not permanently deleted, it just goes to a deleted state, but it is still kept in the Windows operating system’s records, the only way to recover it is with an application like this one that will actively check those records and will be able to return them to their original state.The only way that this file cannot be found is because a large amount of time has already passed and at the time of trying to recover it in the operating system the space designated for some other type of data needed at that time has already been used, that is, any type of file is easily recoverable as long as it is done in a short period of time after its deletion.As for Recuva functionality, you don’t need much knowledge to be able to use it to recover different files from any external device or disk, and you can also use it to recover information from the same computer. To do this, you only need to run the application and start the Recuva wizard that will guide you step by step through the recovery of the files.When you start running the program you will have to select which file you want to recover all depends on the information you are looking for, you can select from images, music, documents, videos or compressed files, in extreme cases you could choose all the different files you get, this action would take a lot of time because of the large amount of data to verify.

Now you only need to select the location you want to analyze to start. If you have a defined space where the information was deleted you will be able to perform a more specific analysis of the information you need, even though there are occasions where you may not be sure where that file was located, you should select the option I am not sure performing a more exhaustive analysis but with a longer execution time.When you select to start you should only wait for the corresponding analysis that will show all the files that will be found on the previously established disk or disks, resulting in a table with all the recoverable files and you should only select and save them to the location you want.

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