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Download Office 2019: Microsoft Office is one of the most basic software packages that Window users need. It has been a very helpful tool since it was first released and with the course of the years, the developers have updated it non-stop.  It contains programs such as World, Excel, Power Point, Office Suit and many more.

The newest version is the Microsoft Office 2019 and it was released in 2017. This version upgrades fails that many of the programs had and it works perfectly with the most used operating systems. In this article, we will take a closer look at all the new features of Microsoft Office 2019, the pros and cons of the software and you will be able to find a download link.

Office 2019: An Overview

The 2019 version is a package of programs that are not so hard to use. Many of the software that Office 2019 contains has been upgraded and it shows. Users now can have a simpler experience while using software like Excel, which is one of the most difficult ones to understand. Following Excel 2019, we have Word 2019. The new version of Word has many changes, and one of them is the possibility of working simultaneously with other people in a single document, and you will be able to see the changes that other users are making.After this, we have PowerPoint 2019 and this software comes with new visual content. You will find a tool called transformation and with the help of this tool, you can create animations and attach them to your presentations. Another incorporation PowerPoint has is the text highlighter, which has been a common complaint among Windows users. With this new addition, users can select different highlight colors and they can emphasize the important parts of a certain text. It provides a better visualization. This applies to Excel 2019 and with this option, you can start introducing information into the program and you will find new graphics and new formats to work with.The nev version comes witth more transitions and zooms. You can utilize these tools on PowerPoint presentations to help improve the final result.

When it comes to new features, we must mention the tool to eliminate backgrounds. This is available for use in PowerPoint, and it improves from previous versions in which users had a hard time trying to eliminate background from particular images.In addition to this, there is a 4k resolution option if you want to save files. This helps you save projects in high definition, and you will also find new recording tools to narrate audio and even video. By far one of the highlights of the 2019 version, is the Microsoft Translator. This translator assists you anytime you have a doubt and you can type words and even phrases and select the language you want to hear.

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