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Download iWork 2020 for Mac: Just as Windows has Microsoft Office, Mac has iWork. This package of programs is exclusive for Apple users and it has Pages, Keynotes and Numbers. People can use iWork to make presentations, spreadsheets to make calculations, and create documents.

It has been updated recently, which means that previous mistakes have been fixed in order to provide a nicer experience while using Mac computers. If you want to know more about iWork 2020 and how to download it, in this article we will talk about this topic.

iWork 2020: An Overview

iWork is an important aspect of Mac computers. It has 3 programs and they are completely free. You don’t have a subscription to use it and just by having another Apple device, you can use all the tools that it has. Another great thing about iWork 2020, is the fact that you can synchronize your iCloud account and you will be able to find all the projects you are currently working on. This also means that you can access these files via iPhone, iPad and even iPod. This new version allows users to collaborate with other people completely online. You can send documents and check for corrections anytime you want. The 3 programs are easy to use, which helps people find every available tool in a tranquil way. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, which means you can open Excel spreadsheets using Numbers. You can use it to make and control presentations using Apple Watch or an iPhone. This option allows you to control your projects with another Apple device and it’s very helpful. Presents compatibility with Apple Pencil and with an option called Smart Writing  you will be able to utilize this pencil to write whatever you want and it’ll show on your Mac’s screen.

Besides the features we mentioned in the previous heading, iWork 2020 has new features. One of the most recent ones is the multi-touch gestures that you can use with the Apple pencil to work simultaneously on the screen. Another feature is the formulas. With these formulas, new users can comprehend a little bit more on how to use them. The toolbar is also simplified as a way to make the process a lot easier.These are not all the new options that iWork 2020 has in store. There is also an easier graphic tool that people can utilize to develop new content in any of the programs that are included in the package.

Download iWork 2020 for Mac for free

How to use 2020 in Mac?

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