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Open source software project that works as a web browser, developed by the Google group. FREE

Download Chromium: Chromium is the name Google has assigned to the open source project and the source code of the released browser. To know a little more about this source code, we should know that the Microsoft browser called Chrome was created as part of the “Chromium Open Source Project”, a project funded by Google, and where everyone can try or develop software on it. Today there are many browsers and operating systems that use Chromium’s open source code as a base, even Opera and Edge, launched by Microsoft. Currently the browser code is part of the main structure of Google Chrome and Chromebooks, which are so necessary for those who design user interfaces, software developers or all those everyday Internet users who make open source their tool to create their own versions.

Chromium: An Overview

Most browsers share the code and features, but each one adds a few other typologies that make them different generating several licenses, but its backbone is based on an open source. Google’s intention was that Chromium was their open source project, and then Chrome emerged from it, and so other developers have taken this code and released versions under the name of Chromium, listed in community packages. The idea was to get the community’s help to improve the browser engine, so that everyone who wanted to use it to develop other browsers could benefit from the collective effort, including Google among them.
The Chromium project aims to make it a window manager, with tabs, instead of a traditional web browser application, that maintains a fairly minimalist, light and fast user interface, providing a pleasant browsing experience in itself. Chromium is still managed and maintained by the “Chromium Project” and today it is possible to download and compile the code manually on numerous platforms, it only supports the Vorbis, Theora and Webm codecs for the HTML5 audio and video tags. Additionally, Linux distributions that distribute Chromium can add support for other codecs in their customized versions of this browser. As for its licenses, the Google-authored part of Chromium is released under the BSD license, with other parts subject to the open source variations, which include the MIT license, the LGP license, the MS-PL license and a tri-license MPL/GPL/LGPL
We must then understand that Chromium is not only a browser but an open source project that generates the basis of the source code to be commonly used for the development of Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex and even Microsoft Edge, among other individual developments, so they are practically all brothers who share the same DNA despite being different browsers. Without further ado, Chromium provides a free web browser that can be perfectly modified and adapted to the particular needs of users whether they are a company or an individual Internet user.

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